Samsung / The 360 Sound Experiment

Samsung / The 360 Sound Experiment

Samsung / The 360 Sound Experiment

The studio was commissioned to create a physical installation 'experiment' inspired by the qualities of Samsung’s Wireless Audio 360° speaker range.

In response to the brief the studio designed a spatial sound-reactive instrument that enabled us to create architecture from light, drawn from a single sound source in the centre of the room.

Visualising the speaker’s omni-directional sound field, the installation’s behaviour was influenced by the movement and frequencies of audio through the space. Using 410 laser diodes and a laser, we created a system that would analyse a score by Aidan Lavelle in real time and translate individual frequencies into a visual architecture.

The sound experiment featured in a 30-second promo as well as a behind-the-scenes short film that to date has received 2.2 million YouTube views and counting.

Location: London
Date: 2015
Client: Samsung
Commissioned by: Cheil and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
Role: Film direction and technical production
Music: Aidan Lavelle
Photos: John Adrian

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